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Twitter Twatter

2013-07-23 17:37:03 by shawspaz

If you guys like follow my tweets!

Pokemon Parody in the making!

2013-06-11 20:07:38 by shawspaz

I've uploaded a preview of my Pokemon parody: ilpage&v=gz1MwzYdHfg

Lazy Ol' Me!

2013-04-05 19:09:22 by shawspaz

I know Ive kinda been lazy but I'm actually workin' on a Game Grumps toon so keep your eye out!

Penis. That is all.

This is Awkward...

2013-01-12 15:13:56 by shawspaz

Srry I haven't been on in awhile.
My brother Terrence is getting married and he needs all the help he can get!
Congrats Terrence!

Delay On The New Toon!

2012-12-24 12:44:31 by shawspaz

When I want to test the damn thing, it won't let me!
Also When I try to save it erases!
Sorry guess I gotta start over!

Delay On The New Toon!


2012-12-22 14:06:56 by shawspaz

made me a Profile Pic!
Go & sub him!This N*gga


2012-12-16 20:36:31 by shawspaz

So I broke my pinky guess no animating for like 3 weeks!
No fapping for a while either...


Just Some Sketches...

2012-12-11 19:49:16 by shawspaz

The Oney Dead

Just Some Sketches...


2012-12-07 23:58:09 by shawspaz

I made a website!


2012-12-06 20:23:27 by shawspaz

Guys, I'm spazzing out over this game:
Go play it it's freaking awesome!!!